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Rkatsiteli Kvevri Wine Salt


Marila - Georgian wine salt

Ingredients: Only table salt and Rkatsiteli Kvevri (Georgian traditional vessel for winemaking) wine.

Salt content: (NaCl) 99.8%

Recommended to store in a dry, cool and dark place, hermetically sealed.

Before use, shake the bottle to release the flavours.

The salt is made using a special, proprietary method developed by the company, which is protected by "Sakpatent".

Marila consists only of edible salt and a premium quality Georgian Kvevri wine, therefore,

The color, taste and aromas are accurately presented in their natural state, precisely as they are found in wine, free of any artificial intervention.

Marila goes exceptionally well with steaks, Mtsvadi, barbecue, salads and desserts.

Does not contain preservatives, flavorings and Food colorings.
Free of GMOs and alcohol.

Mass/net 100+- 5 gr.

Made in Georgia!